Today in 1876, Songhu Railway was opened. Songhu Wusong Railway, also known as Wusong railway, was the first railway in China which started from Shanghai and passed along Jiangwan to Wusong with a total length of about 14.5 km. In June 1876 the part from Shanghai to Jiangwan was constructed and was opened to traffic on July 3. In October of the same year, the Qing government signed with the British minister The Articles of Purchasing the Wusong Railway, but the ˇ°companyˇ± still continued to build the railway. On December 1, 1876 the railway from Shanghai to Wusong was completed and opened to traffic. In September 1877, the railway was demolished after its redemption by the Qing government.

Today in 2001, Round-the-City Park was completed. The first eco-park in Shanghai, it was located in the outer ring, Gu Dai junction. It was a part of the greenbelt of the outer ring, covering an area of 60 mu with a total investment of 25 million yuan. The park mainly used plants for landscaping. It gave full consideration to the scattered level and seasonal changes, while ensuring the stretching and unbroken line of the greenbelt. In the Park, there were over 10 kinds of trees of health care such as camphora, ligustrum etc. In the water area there were more than 10 kinds of aquatic plants as well as geese, ducks and other animals. The park, from its construction in March 2000 to today, had welcomed many wild animals such as the wild turtles, waterfowls.